Les Spiritueux Nomades begins with a common desire and a love for spirits shared by childhood friends. Though life has a way of distancing some and bringing others together, it has never been able to separate this Trois-Rivières friendship, despite the different cities they live in, namely Quebec, Trois-Rivières and Montreal.

Marc-Antoine, Félix-Antoine, Félix and David combine their respective strengths to bring Nomades to life, a company that travels from distillery to distillery to collaborate with a whole network of enthusiasts in order to make products that match them entirely!

Outsourcing allows them to expand their activities, build a network, merge visions, allocate more time to exploration and have greater freedom in the process. Each project represents a universe, a territory, a methodology, while maintaining one primary objective: to allow people to discover Quebec aromatics in all their splendour and showcase the richness that they can offer.

The result? Surprising and interesting products – different but not unsettling – which lend themselves perfectly to experimentation in mixology.

“There’s nothing too complicated going on here: just four guys coming together, transparently, ready to share the fun with whoever wants to join!’’

Les Nomades


A friendship from Trois-Rivières consisting of four guys who always find a way to gather around a drink. Marc-Antoine, Félix-Antoine, Félix and David go through their thrilling twenties with a mutual passion that drives their daily lives and ambitions. The chemistry between them is undoubtedly as good as the one that makes up their spirits – a winning recipe in both cases!


Head of Business Development and Sales Management

Originally from Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, in Gaspésie, Marc-Antoine has traveled around quite a bit! After leaving the peninsula at a young age with his family, he settles in Trois-Rivières before going to the province’s capital to undertake higher education. CEGEP, then university; through the whirlwind of the early twenties and a period of academic trial and error, it is finally in business administration, urban and real estate management and project management that Marc-Antoine discovers what interests him. Surely, the entrepreneurial spirit that is present in his family has something to do with it! His business sense combined with an undeniable passion for the spirits industry leads him to rekindle old friendships and get started with Nomades. Surely, the entrepreneurial spirit that is present in his family had something to do with it! His business sense combined with an undeniable passion for the spirits industry led him to rekindle old friendships and get started with Nomades.


Head of Finance and Accounting

Félix-Antoine is a car and nature guy, but above that: he’s a team player. After growing up in Trois-Rivières, he becomes an industrial mechanic for a few years. He then decides to go back to school to navigate through the ocean of possibilities to then finally set sail for entrepreneurship and the financial field, as a natural return to his roots (his great grandfather was an entrepreneur himself). Urging to go into business for a few years, it is a combination of circumstances that will lead him to the great adventure that represents Les Spiritueux Nomades. Business administration major with a specialization in accounting, Félix-Antoine finds, thanks to Nomades, a way to add his true passion to his professional equation.


Head of Communications and Creation

Creative and curious, Félix has always enjoyed being involved in all sorts of projects. After studying hotel management and sommelier training at Collège Laflèche in Trois-Rivières, his hometown, he quickly discovers a universe that fascinates him! In addition to Félix’s notable experience in restoration and his at-home tasting business, he also becomes a lecturer at Collège Laflèche to teach the basics of sommellerie and mixology in the hotel management program. Fueled by all of his experiences, Nomades becomes a new adventure that Félix excitedly decides to embark on with David.


Head of Product Development and Logistics

For David, mixology comes as second nature! He completes a specialisation in hotel management at Collège Laflèche in Trois-Rivières (at the same time as Félix!), then takes a specialised course in distillation. After six years as a restaurant manager and owner, he finally launches Nomades; from ideation to conceptualisation, he soon reveals a project, a company, an accomplishment of a lifetime, a passion for spirits combined with a desire to share it with others.


To help people discover the world of mixology and its accessibility, by offering innovative and quality products, concocted with creativity and without pretension. We want to offer more than just a product on the shelves: we want to be an agent of change in the industry while including those who want to embark on our journey.

Our Values


‘‘We seek to acquire a kind of freedom that’ll allow us to share our passion through the art of spirits and mixology.’’

This pioneering value is undoubtedly reflected in everything the guys do, from ideating the project to developing the recipes of the spirits.

The idea is to always elevate a concept while staying true to its essence. Thus, Les Spiritueux Nomades brings out funky flavours that can complement more classic ones. This concept reflects the creative spirit shared by the team.


‘‘The message that we convey must be as transparent as the products we put on the market.’’

Hard questions lead to real answers. This is why integrity dictates all business processes and extends to the proposal that is made to the consumer.

Les Nomades encourage each other to be honest about their trials and tribulations in order to always move forward.


‘‘If we seek to grow together, we will all rise.’’

The environment in which Les Spiritueux Nomades operates is creative, dynamic and unified. As a result, the team always seeks to surround itself with good people and nurture a vision of mutual help with the others in their field. Achieving common goals means sharing success, diluting pressure, embracing conflict together and celebrating together, too!

On a smaller scale, it is also important to understand that it is in a team that we complement each other best.


“We take our project seriously without taking ourselves too seriously!’’

The best way to keep Les Spiritueux Nomades sincere and authentic is to focus on simplicity and humility. It's a team project, the goal is to have fun together; it’s always a matter of going back to basics!